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Robert is a member of The Governance Corporation Network (new in 2009)

About Us

Ballantyne and Associates facilitate organizational development or change, including re-visioning, strategic planning, and creative problem-solving. We have extensive knowledge of non-profit governance and management, themed attractions, and planetariums.

Policy Governance

Robert Ballantyne has been trained by John and Miriam Carver to facilitate the implementation of Policy Governance in organizations seeking to improve their effectiveness, internally and with their constituencies.

Decision Making Process

Consulting often involves working through a process with a client. Here you may experience a consulting process, right now, by yourself, with your web browser. Follow this link and discover a self-directed process you can use to make better decisions.

Client and Personal

This is where we post items of interest to the people with whom we work and play. Some of our hiking and skiing pictures are posted here

Feature: A section on Robert's amblyopia

Mountain Weather Resources in BC

Backcountry/Mountain travelers, this is for us. Here are the links to our favourite sites for planning trips into the backcountry around Vancouver. Also the best web cams in the region.

Feature: How-to plot GPS tracklogs and waypoints on a topo map


Essays by Robert on the theme of decision-making and creativity


These are links to organizations we know and trust.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please follow this link and drop us a note. Or just write to say you were at this site - We really appreciate hearing from visitors. (Do not worry about finding yourself on a mailing list; we do not send spam.)

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