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As part of working with clients, I have seen people face very difficult decisions. We have found the process expressed in Spencer Johnson's book, "Yes" or "No" to be very helpful. The book presents the concepts as a parable with the suggestions and recommended actions appearing on facing pages. Some time ago, as a paper exercise, I had extracted the process. That formed the basis of the material at this web site. If you find it interesting, consider buying the book. I know it will enrich your experience with this process.

Two books are referenced when I use this exercise. I recommend both.
- rjb

AUTHOR 1) Johnson, Spencer.

TITLE "Yes" or "No" : the guide to better decisions

EDITION 1st ed.

IMPRINT New York : Harper Collins, c1992.

COLLATION 102 p. ; 22 cm.

AUTHOR 1) Gendlin, Eugene T., 1926-

TITLE Focusing

EDITION 2nd ed., new, rev. instructions.

IMPRINT New York : Bantam Books, 1981. Also: 174 p.

COLLATION xii, 178 p. ; 18 cm.

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