Spring Skiing on Cloudburst

On Sunday, May 18, 2003, Milton McCrystal & Robert Ballantyne bushwacked up the North West Ridge of Cloudburst Mountain to ski the open bowls.

Robert said this was a ski trip.

This is the end of the road and there is no snow and no trail.

Milton loves to ski. Milton does not like to bushwack. This is Milton.

"No problem," says Robert. "We have GPS."

90 minutes later Milton is on skis and looking happier.

The tree-wells are deep and dark.

The creeks are open.

It will make for an exciting run back through here later.

GPS kept us right on the line.

Here at only 3,500 feet the snow is deep and lovely.

This is the spring, when the days are long and gentle, the air is warm, and the bugs have not arrived.

My favourite time of the year to ski.

Was it nice to Ski? About 3 inches of fresh snow over a smooth base.

We waited out a brief squall with wind and horizonal snow. Then the wind dropped, and the sun shone. It was time to ski.

Hero snow.

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