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Although our business is international, our office and home
is on Bowen Island in the fjord called Howe Sound.
This is a semi-rural municipality near
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Robert J. Ballantyne, Principal

Telephone: 1 (North America) 604 947 0815
Post: 294 Jason Road, Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada, V0N 1G1
Visit (Map): Bowen Island is a 20 minute ferry trip from West Vancouver

email: Ballantyne (at)
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Social Media and other sites to find and contact Robert J Ballantyne:

I have been tweeting since the early days of twitter, and was able to secure the name: @RobertB (not case sensitive). I tweet only when I think I have something of interest to my followers.
Wordpress Blog:
This is my personal blog that is mainly about living in North America's most southerly fjord, Howe Sound. I began blogging in 2006. I find it useful for expressing many of the things I value. BTW I have other blogs, and I have founded many standalone sites using Wordpress, Joomla!, phpBB, Moodle, etc.
Linkedin Robert J Ballantyne on LinkedIn
Someday I might decide what I want to do about LinkedIn. Certainly, if we know each other, we may choose to link on LinkedIn. If I haven't responded to you, please contact me directly because I often ignore this account for several weeks and have not noticed your request. Thanks.
Facebook: Robert's personal page on Facebook.
I dislike FB so intensely that I hoped if I ignored it by not adding my value to this site, it would fail and go away. Good business practices suggest I may have to abandon this strategy; but for now don't count on a speedy response to your posts to me on FB.
I was hoping that Google Plus, because it is so much more elegant and potentially useful, would replace Facebook's ugly social media offering. Since that has not happened, I don't have a good reason to develop this account. Maybe someday...

Robert is a founding partner of The Xylem Group - an international partnership of governance consultants
(formerly: The Governance Corporation)

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