A Few Snapshots taken at IPS 2000

The International Planetarium Society held its conference at the Planétarium de Montréal from July 9 to 13, 2000. Robert J. Ballantyne began his 20-year planetarium career as a charter member of the family of lecturers at that planetarium, back in 1966. He attended the conference and took a few snapshots. If you have pictures taken at the conference, and posted at your website, we would be pleased to provide a link to your page. Please send an email to robert@ballantyne.com. If you click the thumbs on this page you will see the enlargement. Use your Back button to return to this page.

Thanks for dropping by this site. I would appreciate an email just to know who was here. These are not photographic gems. I hauled out the camera as an afterthought in the last days of the conference. They may help you to attach faces to some of the stack of cards you brought back from the conference. These pictures are in alphabetical order of the filenames. Congratulations to the staff of the Planétarium de Montréal for running an exceptional conference!
Best wishes... rjb

Bill Chomik of the Calgary Architectural Group on the Keys to Success, as part of Session 4.05
| John Ginder, RASC | Cathy McWatters, of Solar Wind |
Constantine Papacosmas & Ian C. McLennan at the Biodome. Constantine was the first Chief Technician at the Planetarium Dow (now the Planétarium de Montréal), and later moved to the McLaughlin Planetarium. For 15 years he has worked for the Canadian military.
David Leverton from the Northern Lights Center Planetarium in Watson Lake, Yukon, talks about the Keys to Success, as part of Session 4.05
Alan Dyer "Turning Planetarium Shows into Live Theatre" session 3.05-6
Ian McLennan and Constantine Papacosmas at the Museum of Fine Arts
Ginette Lafleur was the first Adminstrative Assistant for the Planetarium Dow, back in 1966. Today she manages an office in the Montreal area for a major insurance company. I visited her and her handsome sons
| Nathalie Martimbeau | Anthony Fairall | Ian McLennan | Kirsten Vanstone | rjb |
I am wearing a suit so it must be the Banquet Reception
Ian McLennan and Tom Clarke on the Keys to Success panel, session 4.05
Joanne Young provides AVI eyewear for the session on using chromostereoscopy to show The Universe in Three Dimension, session 4.01-2
John Dickenson talks about the Keys to Success, as part of Session 4.05
| ? | Thomas Goodman | Mark Petersen & Carolyn Petersen | Ian McLennan |
| Cathy McWatters | Ian McGregor | Tom Clarke | rjb |
These people all once worked at the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto
| Scott Young | Alan Dyer |
Paul Schuch, Director of the SETI League, is Searching for Life Among the Stars, session 4.13
| rjb | Tanya Hill | Bob Prince | Judy Prince |
Tom Clarke uses humour and fact to describe what happened to the McLaughlin Planetarium as part of the discussion on the Keys to Success, Session 4.05
| Ken Wilson | Garry Musgrave | Tom Clarke | Phyllis Petluga | Ian McLennan |
On the Montreal Waterfront at dusk. That was after an outstanding dinner at at Le Pere Saint-Vincent

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