How to plot GPS Data
(Tracklogs & Waypoints)
from a GPS Receiver to a Topo Map



It is possible to take the information gathered by a GPS receiver -- the tracklogs and waypoints -- and use a computer to plot the information on scanned images of maps. Also waypoints can be easily plotted on maps and quickly uploaded to the GPS receiver. Once you know how, this is much easier than entering the data manually using the buttons on the receiver.

Here is a tutorial that shows how to:

  1. Display field-recorded tracklogs on a map
  2. Display field-recorded waypoints on map
  3. Upload waypoints to the GPS receiver
  4. Upload routes to the GPS receiver

The Process

This process is divided into two steps. The first is:
How to Calibrate a Scan of a Topo Map.
This must be done before any data may be plotted.

The second step is:
How to Download/Upload & Display GPS Data.



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