Michael Ames provided some summary comments

o   Michael commented that there are two cultures: client, and the consultant

o   the not for profit and the for profit

o   consultants are project focused

o   clients doing many things and can lose the focus

o   the business of running the thing can cause you to not see the big picture… the consultant can help with that

o   with the consultant people can be fired

o   the audience: 2 approaches… the impact area (target audience) vs. constituents… they have a say or a buy-in

o   How much attention is paid to what the audience wants? Is that marketing? Does the public want to bother?

o   Internal teaming is more difficult than external. It requires attention. Leadership and commitment to goals helps

o   Best laid plans (go astray). Can the vision be sustained? What happens when the institution cannot sustain the project?

o   Maybe sustainability needs to be built in. What about a change of management? There is something wrong with the public sector. {‘Pop’ the noise of a wine bottle being uncorked ended the session.}

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v        End      6:00


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