Theming & Teaming    3:10

v                 Introduced by Clive Grout

Ø   Theming is an opportunity to celebrate the melody of what we are trying to do

Ø   Teaming is a fundamental part of how we all work

o   Need to pull together the diversity of skills
o   We have to be team players
o   Build a network: have a Rolodex of resources
o   Build the team early
o   A team is an opportunity to transfer skills… you learn from new members of the team
o   Be clear about roles
o   Be a good listener
o   Be reciprocal
o   It is best working with previous partners
o   Give proper credit
o   Understand relationships
o   Everyone wins if it was well done

Ø   How do we maximize our internal teams?

v        Round Table Discussion   3:15
v        Round Table Presentations      3:25
v        Summarize      3:55

o   Hammy McClymont

Ø   Theming: a way of defining the experience for the audience

Ø   Teaming: if it is driven by one person it is not a team

Ø   Operating Principles:

o   Safe
o   Clean
o   Valuable Experience
o   Efficient
o   Value your customer’s imagination

Ø   Team is in the centre of the circle

o   Phil Vernon

Ø   Is it authentic?

Ø   A point of view brings authenticity

Ø   Benefits of teaming: saving time, low overhead

Ø   Bring in volunteers, broaden it for benefits

Ø   Outside: is it something the client chooses?

Ø   Be open to participation by people not in the field

Ø   Teams may shift during the project

Ø   Be aware of the perception of the team from the point of view of the client

o   Joan  Seidl

Ø   In teams it is possible to work with lots of contributors, but people should identify their competencies

Ø   Work with the smallest possible team

Ø   Sometime participation on a team can be hurtful

o   It is possible to be vulnerable if you have selected your team carefully
o   With the wrong team you may find that you lose the job to someone else on the team (after contributing to the creativity)

Ø   Internal teams cannot be rid of team members and this has an impact on the dynamics of the team

Ø   Consultant teams (external) are the hired guns and both the consultants and the client have flexibility

o   Wendy Bradley

Ø   This group echoed Clive’s comment on teams

Ø   On theming:

o   Get that vision down
o   How are they going to inspire?
o   What are they going to get out of it?

Ø   Don’t start with the theme

Ø   Be good at parking the ego

Ø   What are the questions we really want to answer?

Ø   Teaming:

o   Make sure that it has the service mentality
o   Be sure that everyone, in the organization, and out, has it!

o   Bill McLennan 

Ø   Listen to your team when they have good ideas

Ø   Teams need leadership and a champion,

o   As a referee
o   To be sure that people are producing
o   To provide continuity of growth

o   Skooker Broome

Ø   Trial process of messaging the team

Ø   Team is brought in to discuss the theme

Ø   The theme is not a topic

Ø   Theme is a fuzzy word and it changes, but keep the core idea

Ø   Theme does not go too quickly

Ø   Essential that there are chairs or bosses for teams

Ø   Look for an active language to keep it alive, organic

Ø   Teams change, but the core theme-team has to remain

Ø   Team members need to be informed of the theme

Ø   Be sure that minutes are taken at meetings, and are passed around

v        BREAK     4:00


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