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Reasons to Use Policy Governance

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Governance Topics
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Governance at Ballantyne & Associates
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What is Policy Governance?
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Why Should Your Board Use Policy Governance?
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Some Issues of Policy Governance
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Governance Feedback


We have moved the governance section of Ballantyne & Associates to its own domain:

Please follow this link and go there now

Link to:

A feature of Governing dot ca will be a forum which will include password-protected ongoing conferences for our clients and friends to hold asynchronous meetings and otherwise keep in contact with one another. It will be useful for maintaining read-only reference files, minutes, and policies. It will mean that groups can work together even when members are travelling.

We have already included new free articles and resources at Governing dot ca.

This page remains so that if you have bookmarked this page you can still find your way to our new material. We understand that removing legacy pages causes 'link-rot' of the World Wide Web. We would not want to do that.

Some reasons to consider Policy Governance:

  • Board members are clear about their role, and their contribution to the organization and the community.

  • The Board's work ensures that the community receives real value in return for the cost of the organization.

  • The Board is confident that its leadership is real, not ceremonial.

  • The organization is accountable for the required results, not just for effort.

  • There is a rational separation of board and management roles. The Board becomes the owner-representative, not a part-time dilettante manager.

  • The CEO's responsibility is clarified, making evaluation both fairer and more rigorous.

  • The Board stops trying to keep up with management, and can focus on vision and leadership. This eliminates trivia and incomprehensible reports from meetings. The Board can lead without encroaching on proper management prerogatives.

  • It ends the dilemma of Boards choosing to either rubber stamp management decisions, or demand countless reports so as to second-guess management.

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