Step 8 - My Insight

The private question concerns beliefs about

  1. personal integrity,
  2. intuition, and
  3. insight into our own worth.

Sometimes people do things that undermine their own success. Most people have to unlearn the belief that they do not deserve better. This belief is usually hidden from them.

Ask: Does my decision show me I really believe that I deserve better?

'Deserve.' from the Latin, deservire, 'to serve zealously.'

You may think you deserve better, but not believe or act on it.

We often get the results we unknowingly believe we deserve

A caring person would ask, 'Why should I deserve better than others deserve?' It misses the point. It is not better than others; it is better than what you are doing to yourself. Everyone deserves that.

When you were young, did anyone use a mean voice to ask you, 'Just who do you think you are?' Do you ever put yourself down with the same question?

It is not enough to change what you believe, you have to change what you do.

Ask: What do I believe, and what do I do? We never let ourselves have any more than we really believe we deserve.

Ask: If I believed that I deserved better results, what would I do? You do not need to wait until you really believe this. When your actions are better, things get better.

My Insight

Have I looked closely enough at my past decisions & actions to discover what I really believe I deserve?
Do I see how my decisions reveal my beliefs?
Do I believe enough in my decision to act on it soon?
What would I decide to do now if I really believed I deserved better?

To review the Private Question:

I consult my heart by asking myself a private question:

Does My Decision Show
1. I Am Honest with Myself,
2. Trust My Intuition, and
3. Deserve Better?

YES or NO?

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