Step 6 - My Integrity

The private question concerns beliefs about

  1. personal integrity,
  2. intuition, and
  3. insight into our own worth.

People with integrity will not fool themselves about a situation.

People who have learned to trust their intuition will not look to others to make their decisions. People can depend upon them.

People who do not have insight are unaware that they can unknowingly sabotage their own results.

The private question is:
Does My Decision Show I Am Honest with Myself,
Trust My Intuition, and
Deserve Better?

The reason that most of us have problems is because we are fooling ourselves.

'Reality' is whatever really is. 'Truth' is a description of reality - mine or somebody else's.

'Integrity' is telling myself the truth.

'Honesty' is telling the truth to other people.

To help me not to fool myself, or lie to others:
Look at what I really think and do
Then, look at what really happens to me
Look at my choices and the real consequences

Concentrate on the first part of the private questions: am I honest with myself?

Look at what you secretly want to do and ask, 'would I like my friends and family to read about this in the newspaper?'

To find the truth, look for the fiction I believe (the untruth that I want to believe is truth) because it is more convenient or more comfortable for me to believe it. It is more glaring than the truth. The opposite is the truth.

To seek the truth about past poor decision, it may help to ask the people around us - our friends. You may be surprised at what they say. When you see what they see, you may want to make some changes.

Your ego holds onto your illusions.

The sooner I see the truth, the sooner I make a better decision

Integrity is the essence of everything successful
- Buckminster Fuller

Poor decisions are based on illusions believed at the time. Better decisions are based on realities recognized in time.

To find the truth, look for it. It does not come to you.

The better decision is based on the simple answer as it eventually becomes the obvious answer.

My Integrity

Have I looked closely enough at my past decisions to learn from them?

Have I done a reality check by observing what is really going on around me and within me?

Have I noticed the obvious?

Do I see the truth?

Am I telling myself the truth?

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