Step 3 - A Practical Question

First Question:
Am I meeting the Real Need, informing myself of options, and thinking it through?
Yes or No?

If the answer is NO, then you can pay more attention to it and arrive at a better decision.

Distinguish between Want and Need. Need = Necessity. It is what the situation requires. Focus only on the results you really need, not what you want. The key is focusing on the Real Need. See a vision of that clearly. Write down the needed results. Say Yes only to that which helps achieve the need. Say No to everything else. Clarity in expressing the need is essential to making better decisions.

When I pursue only the real need,
I am more decisive and
I make better decisions sooner

To see what you want, ask, "What do I wish I could do?"

To see what you need, ask, "Looking back on this, what would I like to have done?"

What do I really need from this decision
for me and for others to feel successful & fulfilled?

Is my vision clearly focused on the needed results?

Does this process take time?

The Slower I go, the sooner I arrive
- Japanese expression

It takes less time to make a better decision than to correct a poor one

There are always options, even if you are not aware of them.

Hear yourself when you say, "I cannot," "I must not," "I won't." Be sure to explore the truth of those statements - you may be dismissing valuable options. Imagine I am with you insisting, "Yes, you can!" Or, "Yes, you may!" Or, "Yes, you will!"

Gather only needed information. Rely on your own observations. Validate information yourself.

Fear fogs vision and can immobilize. It is hard to see options.

What frightens and paralyzes us is usually not real.

The process of gathering information makes you aware of options you were not aware of, and brings you closer to reality.

Information is not just facts, it is also how people feel about facts.

Do I have the information that I need?
Who has it? Where is it? What is the best way to get it?
Have I verified it myself?
As I gather information, what do I see my options are?
Am I informing myself of options?

Think through situations. Ask then what would happen?, then what?, and then what? ...Until the decision is thought through to a better result.

Better results are like butterflies - if you chase them you can exhaust yourself and the results may escape you. You measure your results by how well they satisfy your Real Need.

People often make poor decision because they think it is merely a small decision. They are like dominoes, one decision affects the next.

Past decisions are the best mentors.

Am I using my head by asking myself a practical question:

1. am I meeting the real need,
2. informing myself of options and
3. thinking it through?

Yes or No?

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