Step 4 - A Private Question

Although I have numbered the steps so that this section follows the Practical Question, it is not important which comes first.

The Private Question seems to be harder for some people to grasp, and will take more time to learn the process. In this exercise, it takes up steps 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Step 9 is a recapitulation. Step 4 has only a few concepts, and until you have read further, may seem to lack focus. Read on.

We begin by asking ourselves some simple questions. Beware of the simplistic. Simplistic is less than what is needed. A simplistic answer is an illusion. Ineffective decisions are based on illusions we believe in at the time.

Questions are like alarm clocks, they wake us up.

We make decisions based on our character - with what is in our heart - whether we realize it or not.

We need to consult our thinking half and our feeling half, and connect these parts.

The way to quickly arrive at better results is to get around the obstacle that is in our way. It is usually our obstructive self.

This is accomplished with our Character. Our Character is our collection of personal beliefs and how we act on them.

Use only those parts of your character that you believe have real value for you. That may affect your decisions greatly.

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