Step 9 - Map to a Better Decision

This is a review of the process.

I avoid indecision & half-decisions based on half-truths

I use both halves of a reliable system to consistently make better decisions:

a cool head and a warm heart

by asking myself a practical question
by asking myself a private question

Then, after I listen to myself and others, I make a better decision and act on it

To use my head, I ask a practical question:

Am I meeting the Real Need, Informing Myself of Options, and Thinking It Through?

YES or NO?

Is it a mere want or a real need? What information do I need?
Have I created options?
If I did 'x' then what would happen. Then what?

To consult my heart, I ask a private question:

Does My Decision Show I Am Honest with Myself, Trust My Intuition, and Deserve Better?

YES or NO?

Am I telling myself the truth? Does this feel right? What would I decide if I was not afraid? What would I do if I deserved better?

If 'Yes' I Proceed ............ If 'No' I Rethink

What Is My Better Decision?

To review this process, please use the buttons at the top of the page. The background about this process, and information about the references used is on the page called About.

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